Red Jonaprince®

Origin: It is a mutant of Jonagold

Synonyms: Red Jonaprince, Wilton's® Red Jonaprince, Red Prince

Tree: The tree grows greatly and has a big branchy crown. For production a tree on brachytic stocks is recommended.

Blooming and pollination: It blooms about 2-3 days before Golden Delicious Reiders. Red Jonaprince as all varieties from Jonagold group is a triploid therefore it cannot be a pollinator for other varieties.

Fruitage: RedPrince fructifies early, yearly and rich.

Fruit: The fruit ripen early and have a rich red colour. They are large or very large (medium size is 75-85mm) and have a globular and conic shape. The skin is shiny, smooth, in 95 to 100% covered with a heavy and deep red erubescence even in a shady side of the tree and in the middle of the head. Red Jonaprince fruit have more sugar and hardness than other Jonagold. Red Jonaprince has a high content of anthocyanins.

Taste: The pulp is very firm, cream-green, sour-sweet and odorous with high taste qualities.

Gathering time: In comparison with standard varieties from Jonagold group, they are picked very early, on the third week of September. It is nesessary to remember that early staining can tempt too early gather which has negative influence on its perfect taste and futher storage of the fruit.

Storage: Due to the close-grained pap the fruit have a long storage life and appetizing look. Experiments conducted in the USA in 1998 showed that the apples which were taken out from a cool room and for two weeks were stored under the room temperature 15 oC have the hardness 6,5 kg/sm2. Due to its storage properties and exclusive firmness it is ideal export sort.

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